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My Journey – The story behind YourEVA

First, I want to introduce myself and to put a face and name behind YourEVA. My name is Julie, I am married, a mother of four grown-up children, two grandsons and two new additions to the family due in July (a little boy) and October (a little surprise) 2017. I am so excited as this means we will have two new bubba’s here for Christmas (shh – did I say Christmas). As you may have gathered I am family focused. I enjoy seeing my family at the weekends and getting together on special occasions, birthdays and holidays.

My first thought of becoming a business owner was in the Summer of 2015. I had the opportunity of taking a voluntary resignation/redundancy scheme at work. I was fed-up with being employed and an employee. I had always dreamt of one day becoming a business owner, being my own boss and of course being able to work remotely from home. I had my profession in business and administration behind me and I was due to graduate with a Foundation Degree in Health, Social Care and Administration in November 2015, so this seemed the ideal time and opportunity to take my dream and aspirations forwards.

Over the Summer months, I researched relevant material on remote home-working, Virtual Assistants, and new business start-ups. There are many decisions that you will need to make and consider in starting up a new business. Some things to consider are whether you want to be a Sole Trader or Limited Company, registering yourself with HMRC as being self-employed along with registering your business name, these are just a few things to mention. But you will also need to be able to finance your business in the start-up process, maintain your business going-forwards to grow and expand.

Naming my business, this was probably one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I wanted a name that sounded good and would be unique to me or my business. However, I believe the name “YourEVA” had been in my head for most of my life. It is a name I liked and was unique to being an Executive Virtual Assistant.

“YourEVA” broken down is:


I started to think about a website, the domain name “YourEVA” was available, so I invested in the domain name and hosting. I outsourced building the YourEVA website to a graphic designer named Joe. I met Joe and we discussed YourEVA’s website and branding. Joe designed my logo and corporate branding for my business cards, fliers, and stationery.

I also had to make the transition from Personal Assistant to Virtual Assistant (PA to VA). Again I researched relevant training for Virtual Assistants. I joined several social media networking groups for VA’s and PA’s and attended The Office 2015 and 2016 Conferences in London. One thing I will always remember my fellow VA’s telling me; which is the most valuable piece of advice I received to making the transition from PA to VA and that is to “network, network, network”.

I joined the South Hampshire PA Networking Group and started to attend networking events. This is where I met Amanda Johnson, a Virtual Assistant Coach and Trainer (VACT). I had spoken to Amanda previously on social media and during a networking event discussed the Virtual Assistant CPD Accreditation Mastery Course Amanda facilitates. I decided that if I was going to succeed as a VA then I needed to make an investment in my business. The VACT training has taught me so much from identifying my vision, goals, and contingencies, identifying my niche, client management, marketing, building a website, networking and business planning. I completed the course and graduated in December 2016.

One thing I can distinguish between PA and VA is that to be a VA working remotely, the majority of time is spent working online electronically, with different software packages and social media platforms. The sharing of electronic content via cloud-based services to store and synchronise digital content between computers and various operating devices. The majority of a VA’s marketing is also maintained through social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter) your website and networking.

The completion of the YourEVA website was in December 2015 and was published soon afterwards in early January 2016.

The aim of YourEVA is to provide remote business and administration services to Independent Health Care Professionals, Practitioners, Coaches and Individuals.


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  1. I love your website name, I think it will definitely help with your Virtual Assistant success.


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