Social Media Management


Are you a Business owner?

Do you spend time marketing your business?

Do you spend time marketing your business by creating and posting content on a regular daily/weekly basis, commenting and replying to enquiries on your social media accounts?

If the answer is no then carry on reading

Did you know?

  • Google received over 63,000 searches per second a day in 2018, which equated to 2 trillion searches per year, 3.8 million searches per minute
  • Promoting your business more effectively by advertising online and using social media platform networks can attract new clients
  • 71% of businesses use social media
  • 86% of people use social media at least once per day, including 72% who use it multiple times per day

YourEVA’s Social Media and Website Management service is designed to give you an online presence by creating and managing your social media accounts; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and responding on your behalf, allowing you time to concentrate on your business.

YourEVA can also create, design, update and maintain WordPress websites too.

Having an online presence is an essential component to advertising your business, building strong relationships online with potential new clients, leading to growth and success.

Without an online presence, you are risking losing potential sales and clients to your competitors every day.