All about YourEVA

YourEVA (Your Executive Virtual Assistant) was founded by Julie Blackman in 2015. YourEVA brings over 30 years’ experience in business and administration, having worked in both the Public and Private sectors. Julie has spent over 20 years working in the NHS as an Administrator, and Personal Assistant to the Executive Director for Adult Community Services, and as Personal Assistant to the Associate Director for Children’s and Maternity Services, Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Julie has worked closely with Nurse Practitioners, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists, formed collaborative relationships to enhance and improve the patient experience.  YourEVA endeavours to encourage Clinicians to manage a healthy work-life balance, to promote a healthy lifestyle which is essential to our well-being.

YourEVA has extensive knowledge of the NHS, proficiently practiced in all areas of general office management, and a strong knowledge of Human Resources Recruitment, Policies and Procedures, Governance Processes, Information Governance and Strategy.

YourEVA exists to make your life easier

YourEVA (Your Executive Virtual Assistant) exists to make your life easier by supporting Independent Health Care Professionals, Health Practitioners and Coaches in improving the patient experience and how health care is delivered.  YourEVA understands the time it takes to properly administrate a Clinicians caseload – and we know that time is precious to every Clinician. An executive virtual assistant service, like the one provided by YourEVA, has the capability to handle many different aspects of a Clinicians business and administrative needs.

If you struggle to stay on top of your business and administration tasks or you’re feeling overwhelmed by admin, YourEVA can help you with your administration needs. By outsourcing your administration to YourEVA will allow you to gain back valuable time so that you can concentrate on the things that matter most. This may be spending time: on your business, on your patient caseload, with your family or even leisure activities like a round of golf.

Being an executive virtual assistant providing business administration services, means we are able to offer help and support to our clients at any location. YourEVA can handle an extremely wide range of tasks, including diary and email management,  office management, social media management, lifestyle management, event planning, and even on-site administrative support (around a 30-mile radius of Southampton, Hampshire UK).

YourEVA is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) registration reference A8564925 under the Data Protection Act 1998. YourEVA can guarantee that all information held and work undertaken is handled in a confidential and secure manner and is backed-up securely.

What is a ‘Virtual Assistant’ and why should I hire one?

A virtual assistant is an Administrative Professional or Personal Assistant who are usually self-employed independent business owners. A virtual assistant provides professional administrative assistance to clients remotely usually from a home-office. As virtual assistants are not employees, clients receive all the benefits of in-house staff, without the downsides of hiring full-time employees. By hiring a virtual assistant, you would immediately save on the cost of office equipment (desk, IT, phone, stationery) NI contributions, Workplace Pension, holiday and sick pay.

 “Did you know a Virtual Assistant can also save you time and money!” 

10 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant

  • Anyone can hire a Virtual Assistant
  • Outsourcing is the key to growth
  • Virtual assistants are cheaper than you doing the task yourself
  • Virtual – You do not need to provide resources
  • Low overheads – VA’s are self-employed individuals, so very few overheads
  • You can start small
  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Getting rid of the small jobs lets you get bigger ones done
  • A Virtual Assistant wants your business to succeed
  • Reduce stress and worry – Improves your health and well-being too

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